For 10% off your first order, Use code FO10


For 10% off your first order, Use code FO10

ProFinish Paintbrush

“ProFinish was very good for cutting in and no brush marks left, also very good paint holding  ie lots of paint pick up, leading to less dips in the paint kettle this was using Dulux White Emulsion. No bristle loss, very good paint pick up and excellent finish achieved with Dulux Trade water based Quick Dry Gloss. The brush was easy to clean out with no shape loss”

— Peter Doyle, Technical Training Consultant: Dulux (Now retired)

Lucas ProTools engaged with us as a college and our students at early test stage of the ProFinish development. It was great for all our students to be involved in the testing as it focussed them on techniques and overall brush performance. A pinnacle to their year was the trip to Lucas HQ to feed back their results and comments, they were really impressed by Lucas’s facilities and the sheer attention to detail that goes into everything Lucas do. It was also great that Danny Lucas recognised the skill of our students who has won Young Painter of the Year award, and in turn hired him as part of his painting team.  The ProFinish is a great brush, reminding me of the real quality ones  I used when I was student myself however using the latest production techniques, really high quality materials and styled around water based paints. We are looking forward to being involved in testing other products from Lucas ProTools.

— Bruce Kerney, Painting & Decorating Lecturer: East Kent College


When I first saw the ProFinish brush in all its glory I knew I just had to have it. The way it was packaged it just oozed quality. Now having used it with various vinyl matts, Crown clean extreme, Farrow & Ball estate emulsion & eggshell, I found it performed the way a brush should, it was easy to manipulate when cutting in and lays off superbly. 

The handle sits very nicely into your hand and the ferrule which is a fantastic looking piece of engineering just finishes the brush off.

The Chinex blended bristles let the paint leave the brush with ease. This is also the case when cleaning. This brush is the easiest and quickest I have ever washed out. There was no bristle or shape loss when cleaning and the comb helps with the speed of the process. You then put it into its protective case and it is perfect for your next use, which will not be long as to produce quality you need tools of quality.

So this brush will be your first choice.

- Graeme Thompson, Gee Tee Dec


I have to train my men to be painters but first how to be men, responsible, self motivated, fathers, husbands, leader type men. I was looking for a product to help my men and Lucas ProTools popped up in my search. I believe I am buying a key to my future . A symbol of what I am about to build. My leader my inspiration to succeed is passing down the company to myself and our trusted office manager and I wanted your company to know that I will use your product every time I am teaching a new craftsman to do our trade and that I hope your company can keep making a product that can instill pride in the trade.
- Jason Walker, The Final Coat - Ohio USA


“I was introduced to ProTools by Zoffany and I must say this brush is truly stunning, the curved lines and way it sits in your hand is something I have never seen before in a paintbrush, that along with the whole boxed set really makes it stand out from the competition – it has taken the paintbrush to a whole new level”

– Clare Bayne, Collingwood Bayne Designs


“I was thrilled to be involved in the testing of ProFinish and immediately I noticed how great it felt in the hand, well balanced and comfortable. The cutting in was excellent. The paint loaded really well and the lay off equally so. Its certainly now my brush of choice” 

- Shaun Startup – Startup Decorators


“We (the Lucas team) have been trialling the ProTools brushes, through their evolution on our sites and have been very impressed with the performance and the way our comments and test data have structured the progression and overall final development of the ProFinish.  It is a very high end brush that cuts in nicely and cleans amazingly well. After wearing in the brush after a weeks daily use, it really moulds itself to the way you paint and provides a superior finish, one that we at Lucas and our clients require” 

- Yan George, Operations Director (Painting Division), Lucas

This is undoubtedly the finest paint brush I have ever held in my hand & I've  been in the trade for 29 years. Right from the start the customer service was exceptional.
The presentation box is of high end quality, infact I almost didn't want to use it, I proudly 'showed if off' to all my clients & other tradesmen for a week or 2 before using it.

When I finally christened it .. Wow! It felt as if I had been using it for years. The handle sits just right in the hand, so comfortable. Cuts clean & sharp. Fantastic paint pick up & effortless to wash out.

Needless to say I am thoroughly delighted & and can't speak highly enough about the ProFinish Paintbrush. Hopefully, Lucas ProTools will introduce other sizes in the future, if they do I'll be at the front of the queue. It really is a tool to treasure.

- Neil Johnstone Decorators

The last few months have given me plenty of opportunity to test the Lucas to the limits. I have built a conservatory, added a loft conversion, redecorated the kitchen and touched up the paint in just about every other room in the house.  The Lucas has been with me every step of the way and, while it is not looking as fresh as it once did, it is still as functional as when I opened the box.

The one thing I cannot quantify is how much of its current good form is down to the construction and how much is down to my reverence for it. I look after this brush better than any tool I have ever owned. Each brush comes with it’s own little comb which you are advised to run through your brush after every use. I diligently do just that, which actually makes cleaning far easier, and tuck it way in its supplied solid plastic cover.  I am sure that this routine goes a long way to preserving the brush but let’s not underestimate the part that the quality of construction play in all of this.

Lets make no bones about it, this is the best paint brush money can buy (or at least I have ever used). It applies paint evenly, cuts in perfectly and never leaves bristles behind. It is a genuine pleasure to hold in your hand and it feels rock solid.

So, is it worth the money? I surprise myself in saying this but I think it might be. It is only after all these months of use that I now understand the value of a good quality paint brush. If you are going to use it once or twice a year then the investment in the Lucas is likely not going to be a good one but if you are a regular user, or indeed a professional, then I can see how this would start to pay for itself after a while.

Ultimately, painting is my least favourite DIY job. The fact that the ProFinish has made it significantly less painful is actually worth a lot to me.

- James Bradshaw, DIY



When cleaning and combing my brushes, the Lucas ProTools ProComb is the one I go for. Having used many others in the past years I found:-

  • The pins fall out due to the wood swelling up
  • The handle falling off,
  • Pins bending,
  • The pins on the comb being too square and bulky making it difficult combing the brush.


The Lucas ProTools Brush Comb;

  • Fits nicely in the hand,
  • Can be stored safely with the cover,
  • Keeps it's shape well,
  • It can be stored when wet.

Quality cleaning tool!

- Scott Barney, Scott Barney Decorating




I bought this on a whim to see if it actually worked, half expecting in not to but actually it works a treat. I had a contract at a local school to repaint their railings over a weekend and training day so thought I would use the mitt. It was great, does exactly what it says it will. Reduces time and leaves a great finish. I thought I was going to have to double up on the coats but didn’t need to, the pile is sufficient to lay off the right amount of paint.

I’ll definitely be buying more

- Steven Bain, SB Decor



Love this rucksack. Its comfortable to wear. I don’t like lugging around heavy toolboxes but if im carrying out a smaller project I can keep my essentials and my ipad in there for my quotes and scheduling

- Lydia Parry, Decorating Divas